Taos New Mexico Real Estate, Solar Home For Sale on the Rio Grande
A stunning adobe solar house using castle architecture


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A stunning adobe solar house using castle architecture


About the Castle

Own a piece of Taos Real Estate. A truly unique adobe solar house designed with castle architecture. This earth friendly house is lavishly appointed with several green features and is wheelchair accessible. Take advantage of this opportunity to live in an extraordinary Taos New Mexico real estate showplace today. In addition, other markets in the Midwestern United States are beginning to adopt solar and other renewable energy more regularly. For example, Chicago, Illinois is a growing solar market. Various Chicago companies have entered the market and continue to grow with the booming renewable industry.

Built in 2005, Solar Castle is designed and oriented to capture the maximum winter passive solar heat and is protected from the north by a large earthen berm. Electricity is provided by 2.6Kw of solar and wind power connected with an intertie system to the grid. Six solar hot water panels are used for domestic hot water and radiant floor heating with a propane back up. An independent power system works to keep utility bills to a minimum.


A stunning adobe solar house using castle architecture

Price: $499,000

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Other Features
• 4200 sq. ft.
• 3 bedrooms
• 2.5 bathrooms
• Radiant floor heating
• Massive adobe walls
• Outdoor garden
• Separate grey water system
• 5100 gallon rainwater catchment


Permaculture principles have been employed since 2000 to reclaim much of the 6.6 acre property. Many trees in a meadow-like setting provide shade, tranquility and wildlife habitat. An adobe wall encloses a vegetable garden that is ideal for an amateur gardener while a fenced garden next to the castle provides flowers and bird life. Close by this Taos real estate property, the Rio Grande Gorge offers hot springs, fishing and a beach with golden eagles flying overhead.



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